Dragon Hunter

Our Wheelhouse

We are not a trading company or a copy-cat company. We are a company that brings our clients true innovation and invention. We have vast experience in a number of design and manufacturing disciplines including:



What We Do

Source selection. The Dragon Hunter team in America and China conduct extensive research and interviews to make sure we team our customers with the best vendor for their particular project. Every product/project has its own unique personality that has to be managed at every step.

Automated Can Filler System

Sampling. Once a supplier(s) is selected we call for factory samples. All projects begin with the PP (pre-production) sample to best judge a factories understanding and abilities.  For garments the next step is a full size run of all items. Extensive testing is done in the USA to insure compliance to the customer requirements.

Production and Quality. Once samples are approved we release the project to production.  Dragon Hunter staff members in Asia supervise all production and final test and inspection to insure compliance. Dragon Hunter USA personnel visit all factory a minimum of 2 time per year.

Shipping. Working with our various logistics partners we determine the best shipping option.  Each project has its own personality and shipping needs. We work closely with our agents to insure accurate HTS freight and duty classifications. We coordinate the shipments from the exit door of the China manufacturer to the entry door of our customer’s warehouse.