Dragon Hunter

Professional Resume

Click here to view a list of our patents.

Please recognize much of our work is done under a "Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement " between Dragon Hunter and our clients, so most of our work cannot be displayed or disclosed.

If you are looking for a design and Asian sourcing partner just ask them for a list of their patents and discover who the real innovator is that will help grow your bottom line.


Past Projects

We are constantly helping our clients bring their products to life. Here are some examples of products that we have helped clients develop and bring to market. Click image for larger view.

Spinner Baits & Jigs

Semiprecious Stone
Wine Glass Charms

Hand Warmers

Memory Product

Ice Auger Rack

Keyboard with on-screen
display built in

Balsa Floats and Light Sticks

Custom Stuffed Toys

Paddle Reel Design/Tooling

Fishing Lure

Custom Metal Part


Fishing Reels

Custom Metal Stamping

Winter Wear

Ice Fishing Rods & Reels


Universal Hitch

Wool Under Layers

Gear & Duffel Bags

Rotational Cameras