Dragon Hunter

Why Dragon Hunter?


Our Asian Footprint

Weihai Area

Recognized as the World center for fishing rods, reels and terminal tackle. The USA fishing industry first moved to Japan, then Korea and now China as it followed low costs. The Weihai peninsula is due west of South Korea so it was an easy move for the technology and equipment. Weihai has over 150 fishing rod manufacturers along with dozens of reel, terminal tackle and fishing tool suppliers. Dragon Hunter has an employee in Weihai for sourcing, inspection and to supervise our design projects.

Shanghai area including Nanjing

More soft goods suppliers are centered out of Shanghai than any city in China. Dragon Hunter has active projects in factories supplying our needs from winter wear to leotards. Most recently we have started work with a USA customer buying custom canning and bottling equipment from this region. Our sourcing and inspection personal travel here from Shenzhen.


The Yiwu market is the largest commodities market in the world. Dragon Hunter has a relationship with a sourcing company that works the market and vendors on our behalf.

Ningbo area, including Hangzhou and NingHai

We have been working in this region for over 15-years, On projects including hunting blinds, tree stands, sheet metal, welded products, tents, snowshoes, walking sticks, fishing rods and reels.


We currently have lighting, tent and legging projects coming from this region.

South China including Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan

Dragon Hunter has dozens of active suppliers in this region supplying items which include gun cases, hunting trail cameras, leggings, underwater fish cameras, LED lighting, injection mold design, tooling and much more. Dragon Hunter has an employee in Shenzhen who manages our sourcing and inspection needs in the South China region.

Hong Kong

Ever since Great Britain turned Hong Kong back over to the Chinese, Hong Kong has been undergoing a major transition. Not much manufacturing takes place here anymore but Hong Kong is still recognized and a major player in global trade and finance. Of the thousands of businesses located here most are design, sales and sourcing offices for companies on the mainland. Dragon Hunter has a relationship with a top notch electronics design and manufacturing company with factories in Guangzhou and Dongguan.