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Please recognize much of our work is done under a "Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreement " between Dragon Hunter and our clients, so most of our work cannot be displayed or disclosed.

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About Jeff Zernov

Jeff Zernov

Jeff Zernov, founder of Dragon Hunter, has over 17 patents to his credit and over 100 successful product launches. Jeff is most recognized for inventing Zercom Marine, Nature Vision, and was also one of the founders of In-Fisherman along with Al and Ron Lindner. His inventions include Aqua Vu underwater cameras, video bird feeders, hunting blinds and digital trail cameras, telephone switch equipment, fishing rods and lures, video inspection systems and much more.

His vast experience in a number of manufacturing disciplines allows him to "see things not as they are but as they could be." Jeff calls this a gift and not a talent. Jeff has a proven track record of successful designs and product launches using both domestic and foreign suppliers.

Dragon Hunter customers benefit from Jeff's invention & innovation talents by being granted patent rights to designs in their particular category. Jeff has over 18-years of experience traveling to Asia, a minimum of 3 times per year, qualifying new vendors, doing factory and in-process inspections and developing an ever growing list of proven suppliers.

It is our goal to deal directly with the factory and never use trading companies or middle men. Yes, this is a much more difficult way to do business in Asia but the only way to insure a quality product.

Areas of expertise include: